It wasn’t until Jenny Johansson became a parent that her dream of having her own business came true. Whilst on parental leave, caring for her newborn baby, Jenny’s interest in ecological and locally produced goods grew. Kids spend a lot of their formative years sleeping and it feels extra important to be able to choose the best available option in bed linen. Skrå Design wish all kids could have ecological bedlinen.


Jenny is a trained professional from the clothing industry with many years of experience with national fashion brands. Skrå Design became a reality when Jenny moved with her family from Stockholm to Lund.


We hope Skrå Design will appeal to the fashion conscious and environmentalist alike. The cornerstone of our collection is our range of duvets. Each duvet is made from 100% organic cotton jersey. We also produce organic cotton pillowcases that look great in a child’s room or on the living room sofa. All our products are made in Sweden. We value quality and care for the environment. We ensure all our processes are environmentally friendly. We guarantee that no people where harmed in the making of our products, in fact, we are also caring for our fellow human beings.