To ensure our high quality standards, Skrå Design always work with environmentally friendly material. We’ve chosen to only use ecological cotton and natural fibers. Most of the world’s cotton is heavily treated with pesticides, so it’s vitally important to us that we use only organically grown cotton. This results in a higher quality textile (a slower growing cotton plant without chemicals results in a fiber that is longer and more durable), free from pesticides and other chemicals. Today, only 1% of the world’s cotton production is organic, but we can make a change and be part of the influence in changing this.


We take pride in the fact that not only are our fabrics organic cotton, but our labels are too.

Many of the cotton productions from Skrå Design are Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified. We always demand a copy of this certificate from our suppliers.


The GOTS certificate is only given to suppliers where the whole process has been certified as using no pesticide, fertilizers or toxic colors. GOTS certificates also ensure fair working practices during the whole chain of production.


Choosing organic products is recommended, as the quality of the fabric is better. The fibers get stronger when they are allowed to grow at their own pace, not being stressed or artificially enhanced by fertilizers. Read more on

Oeko-Tex Standard 100 is a health certification that includes testing for harmful, toxic and allergenic substances. Warranty on responsible textile production, security and transparency in all stages of production - from raw materials to finished products.


In addition, testing parameters such as color fastness and a skin-friendly pH - value, which is good for the health of consumers. Read more about Oeko-Tex 100 HERE!

All our products are produced in Sweden. We’ve made this choice partly to care for the environment but also to support Swedish Industry and create work opportunities here. Having a locally produced product also makes it easier for us to control the production and guarantee our customers a fairly developed product.